Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long Awaited and Worth It

Product Description- The latest installment of Julia Spencer-Fleming's Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries revolves around Rev. Clare's return to Millers Kill after an 18 month deployment as a helicopter pilot serving in Iraq. Among those who have also returned are Eric McCrea of the Millers Kill PD who tries to control his explosive anger; Will Ellis, dealing with the effects of double amputation; Orthopedist Trip Stillman, denying the seriousness of his traumatic brain injury; and bookkeeper Tally McNabb who is guilty over an in-country affair and worse. But coming home is much harder than any of them could have imagined. One vet will struggle with addiction, one will lose his family and friends and one will die.

Wow, it was a long wait for this one, but it is probably her best. Clare just wants to come home to Russ and pick up where she left off, but Iraq and its' aftereffects derail her. The bond between she and Russ has been forged through adversity and remains strong, but is severely tested. The real strength of the series has always been its' characters with Russ and Clare at its' emotional center. Spencer-Fleming's portrayal of two decent people dealing with moral dilemma has been masterful throughout the series. Many old favorites reappear and new ones are introduced, all fully fleshed out. I wouldn't attempt One Was a Soldier if you have not read the rest of the series, beginning with In the Bleak Midwinter. I highly recommend One Was a Soldier and can't wait for the next one. Once again it ends with a great  big cliff-hanger that takes the breath away. I can wait however, if need be for another book as well written as this one!

Rating-5 stars

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