Friday, May 27, 2011

The Joys of Free kindle downloads.

For many moons I dug in my heels and said "only paper and ink will do for me". However when I received my first kindle as a gift, I changed my tune pretty darn quick. Not only are they easy to carry around and store an unbelievable number of books, eBooks have that whole instant gratification thing going on. Just click and you have the book you want at whatever hour of the day or night you might want it. All the major purveyors also have free downloads of many classics and an ever changing list of more recent publications, often back list volumes of ongoing series. Of course, this is just good business-offering a free book in the the hopes of getting new readers for the entire series which are not free, needless to say. At this point I own an embarrassing number of reading devices and am thinking now of chucking them all and combining everything on one tablet device by way of the free reading apps. You take a risk on some of the free stuff, but occasionally you find a gem that otherwise you might have missed. The following is my most recent free download that was worth the storage space and then some.

Bound by the Heart
Marsha Canham
Amazon Digital Services

Product Description: In this swashbuckling adventure Captain Morgan Wade, a notorious privateer and blockade-runner, rescues, then kidnaps the daughter of the British governor of Barbados after she and her brother are shipwrecked. Summer Cambridge is betrothed to Wade's arch-enemy, Commodore Bennett Winfield, who will go to any lengths, even start a war between two countries to get her back.

Bound by the Heart starts out with a  bang with the shipwreck and rescue of Summer and her brother by Captain Morgan Wade. Summer is a spoiled society favorite whose sense of entitlement is truly awesome, rivaled only by the equally awesome arrogance of Wade himself. At bottom though, Summer is determined to protect her younger brother and her own reputation and that of her family. After some epic clashes and misunderstandings, Summer and Wade are no longer able to deny the attraction between them. However they are unable to trust each other so Wade fulfills his promise to return her to her father and betrothed.

The action and adventure of Bound by the Heart is non-stop. While I know pretty much nothing about naval battles of the era, this book has it all; narrow escapes, spectacular sailing, chases, duels-you name it. Plus not only one but two villains you love to hate and a colorful cast of supporting characters round out what I call a rattling good read.

Rating- 4 Rattling Sabers

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