Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Murder and Apple Strudel in Vienna

Oxford Tearoom Mysteries # 8
H.Y. Hanna
Wisheart Press
March 13, 2018

Gemma Rose is happily packed for a long-awaited and much-postponed holiday in Malta with her policeman boyfriend, Devlin O'Connell. So she is not at all pleased that the holiday must be postponed...again. Luckily, the Old Biddies have a surprise for her. The Old Biddies are a quartet of pensioners who not only help out at The Little Stables Tearoom but get Gemma embroiled in their sleuthing adventures. They have entered Gemma's scones in the Euro-Tearoom Baking Contest, and the scones were selected to represent England at the event being held in Vienna. Since a friend of Gemma's mum is opening a hotel in Vienna, one friendly to animals, why not go, along with Gemma's mischievous cat, Muesli? Gemma and the Old Biddies arrive in Vienna and check in to Sofia Fritzl's hotel. The hotel is just opening and has a number of dignitaries checked in. One of the guests is Moritz Wagner, a well-known critic. Herr Wagner appears to be charming but is really a brutal critic who delights in destroying businesses. The discovery of his body at the hotel is ruled suicide, but the Old Biddies are sure it is murder. What can Gemma do but get involved again? If it is murder, then the old ladies could be in danger. Suspects abound, and the investigation leads Gemma (and Muesli) into hilarious misadventures.

The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries is a favorite series with great characters and atmosphere. Oxford is one of my favorite places and Vienna is a wonderful destination as well. I have spent only a few days there and hope to return one day. In the meantime, I can content myself with the vivid descriptions of the architecture, history, and wonderful food to be found there. I highly recommend Apple Strudel Alibi for readers of light-hearted cozy mysteries.

I received an advance digital copy from the author. The opinions are my own.

RATING-4 Stars

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