Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Delightful Lady Julia Grey eNovella

BONFIRE NIGHT ( Lady Julia Grey e Novella)
Deanna Raybourn
November 3, 2014

Bonfire Night was a mixture of joy and sadness for me, as it is the end of a much-loved series (at least for now). I have greatly enjoyed all of the Lady Julia and Brisbane stories from Silent in the Grave onward.

Lady Julia and Brisbane are enjoying an evening with Julia's sister, Portia, and brother, Plum. It is late when a visitor arrives, claiming to be a solicitor with an unusual bequest. Brisbane is to inherit a country house from someone who is unknown to him. The catch is that they must take possession by All Hallows Eve (only two days away) and remain in residence until Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Day. Of course all the children, pets, relatives and nannies are packed up for a quick trip to the country. Curiosity alone makes the trip necessary.

What follows is a complete farce with a village complicit in demonstrating the haunted nature of the house. Everything from ghostly sobs, moans, rattling chains, and phantom carriages to a plague village makes an appearance. Behind all the clichés is a real mystery though; who made the bequest and more importantly, why?

Bonfire Night is a short but very enjoyable read. I highly recommend the entire Lady Julia Grey series.

RATING-3.5 Stars

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