Thursday, June 20, 2013

Raven Flight (Shadowfell #2)

RAVEN FLIGHT (Shadowfell #2)
Juliet Marillier
Knopf Books for Young Readers
July 9, 2013

Juliet Marilier's Shadowfell Trilogy continues with Raven Flight, second in the trilogy. Neryn is safe at Shadowfell with the rebels and training to gain strength after three years of flight from King Keldric's Enforcers and an arduous journey to the rebel stronghold. Flint, the hooded man who rescued Neryn has been revealed not only as a trusted member of Keldric's court, but a double agent for the rebels. As he continues his dangerous game of deception at court, Neryn prepares to set off on another journey to reach the Guardians and continue her training as a Caller. It becomes more and more critical that she can hone her skills quickly and enlist the aid of the "Good Folk" in the fight to overthrow the King.

Tali, the rebel leader's trusted female bodyguard, is not happy with the assignment. Despite working with Neryn, Tali does not entirely trust her and definitely does not want to leave Regan's safety in the hands of someone else. Tali also considers Neryn's love for Flint a weakness and a danger to the cause. As the two women set off to find the Hag of the Sea and face many dangers and tests, they have to learn to trust each other. Meanwhile, Flint is facing questions about his loyalty from the king; questions which lead to a confrontation which exposes Keldric as not only power mad, but deranged. At the end of the novel all the rebel's plans must be changed in a twist I could not have imagined.

I found Raven Flight very slow moving in spots but a good follow-up to Shadowfell, a book I really loved. Both Neryn and Tali are terrific fantasy heroines; Tali, the unparalleled warrior and Neryn, steadfast in her convictions. It is a relationship that I enjoyed watching develop. I wish there had been more of Flint but expect him to be much more present in the next book. I would recommend the Shadowfell Trilogy to both adult and young adult fantasy fans. Deeply rooted in Celtic mythology, Juliet Marillier's novels are always a treat. Many thanks to Knopf and for a digital copy in return for a free and fair review.

RATING- 4 stars

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