Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Quiet Seaside Holiday, Miss Fisher Style

Phryne Fisher Mystery # 18
Kerry Greenwood
Allen and Unwood
December 5, 2017

After a taxing investigation, Miss Fisher is offered a house in Queenscliffe for a month's holiday. While she is away, taking her adopted daughters,Jane and Ruth, her companion,Dot, and their dog, Molly.  The efficient Mr. and Mrs. Butler are left behind in Melbourne to oversee renovations to Miss Fisher's bathroom, and perhaps a holiday of their own.  They are expecting to be greeted by the Johnsons, the caretakers of the house. Instead, they find an open door and no Johnsons to be seen. Could it be foul play?

Dead Man's Chest is a romp through 1929 Queenscliffe. Miss Fisher deals with events featuring missing caretakers, smugglers, delinquent adolescent boys, a tipsy neighbor, a new canine addition to the household, the introduction of a new ongoing character, the filming of a movie, a downtrodden ladies companion and a search for pirate booty with her customary panache. She even falls in with a group of surrealists who lend comic relief. Along the way, the Fisher family consume an alarming amount of food, provided by the aspiring cook, Ruth. 

As always, Dead Man's Chest is a delight. I enjoy the sly humor and wealth of period detail in the Miss Fisher Mysteries about a time and place of which I know little. Thanks to NetGalley and Allen and Unwin for an advance digital copy of this reprint edition.

RATING- 4 Stars


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